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Are you looking to hire a roofing contractor New Castle County, Delaware County and Chester County residents truly rely upon? Whether you're in need of roof repair, roof replacement or a contractor to handle the roof on your new construction project, look no further than Lane Roofing & Exteriors, the preferred Wilmington roofers since 1994!

In today's world of contracting, it's hard to find a business that hasn't changed hands multiple times. Issues with quality control and project management abound when a business gets passed around, but you don't have to worry about any of that when you choose Lane Roofing! In fact, our roofing business has been operated by its owner and founder, Chris Lane, since its inception over two decades ago. With such a great track record of success and consistency, it's no surprise that many of your neighbors continue to choose Lane Roofing for job after job!

Types of Roofs We Service

Our roofing company in Wilmington, DE, has been responsible for thousands of successful roof installations over the years, keeping many of your neighbors leak-free and protected from the elements for decades to come. Do you have a certain type of roof in mind? Would you like to know what our roofing experts might recommend? Here's some background on each type of roof we install:

While these types of roofs are certainly our most common, we've taken on dozens of completely custom and unique projects over the years. If you have something out of the ordinary in mind, we'd love to collaborate!

Potential Roofing Problems

Algae growth causes a brown-to-black discoloration that results in a streaked, dirty- looking rooftop. It is caused by the growth of airborne algae, which deposits itself on your roof. The good news is that algae growth does not affect the service life of your roofing shingles. This is strictly a cosmetic problem, despite what some roofers may try to tell you.

Blistering/Cracking is caused by advanced age or a shingle manufacturing defect. The best solution is to replace the shingles as soon as possible. If your roof is not more than a few years old, talk to us about possibly approaching your shingle’s manufacturer to help cover the cost of roof repair.

Buckling can have many causes, including (1) improperly applied roof felt, (2) wrinkled roofing underlayment, (3) roof deck movement, (4) improperly installed roof sheathing, (5) poor roof ventilation (6) new shingles applied over rough, old roof shingles.

Curling can result from a variety of problems, including (1) high nails, (2) a lack of back coating, (3) under-saturation of the asphalt felt in organic shingles, (4) a lack of roof ventilation and (5) an improper number of fasteners (6) shingles that are nearing the end of their service life.

Damaged flashing can stem from one or more problems, including (1) improper installation on a new roof, (2) drying and cracking on an old roof, (3) improper material selection, or (4) settling of the structure.

Missing roof shingles typically result from either improper fastening or exposure to high winds. To prevent further damage, this issue should be addressed as soon as possible. If you lose a few shingles every year, you may need a full roof replacement.

Rotting is caused by absorption of moisture by the mat at the core of the roof shingle. This is a common problem with organic-based roofing shingles, with the best solution being replacement with a fiberglass shingle.

Missing granules or degranulating shingles are caused by a premature shingle failure or the end of your roof’s life expectancy. The granules are applied to the shingle surface for aesthetics, and perhaps more importantly to protect the shingle structure from ultraviolet radiation.

Lane Roofing will perform a free inspection to see if you have any damage to your roof.

Most of the time roof damage cannot be seen from the ground but if strong storms have passed through your area then there may be damage to your roof. It is worth the effort to contact a professional to examine your roof closely to determine if there is damage. Hailstorms can take years off the life of your roof especially if it’s a composite roof due to the loss of the ceramic granules from the surface of the shingles eventually causing leaks. With other roof types, such as metal, slate or tile, damage may only be cosmetic, but if not repaired, the damage can depreciate your home’s resale value. You may have a limited time in which to file an insurance claim. Why risk this? Your insurance company will not contact you to ask if you have damage or if you would like a free inspection.