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Lane Roofing & Exteriors has been helping Glen Mills PA business owners, hospitals, schools, and other organizations by installing and maintaining their commercial roofs since 1994. Always in compliance with OSHA guidelines, our commercial roofers stand by their work and refuse to cut corners, resulting in high-quality roofing that will stand up to the elements for years to come.

Our team of roofers is comprised of only the finest craftsmen, each equipped with extensive commercial roofing experience. Each of our highly trained roofers brings to the table the know-how to make your commercial roof last for it’s full service life period, which normally averages almost 20 years.

From metal to rubber, no matter the type of installation, we’ll blow the roof off your expectations.

Commercial Roofing Assessment & Repair

Over the years, we’ve helped countless Glen Mills PA business owners and facilities managers maintain and repair their roofing systems. The fact of the matter is that commercial roofs need special attention, and to pass inspection and guarantee a safe workplace for your employees, it’s vital that you work with a roofing company you can trust. In Glen Mills PA, that roofing company is Lane Roofing & Exteriors. Click here to call 610-857-7905 and learn more

We take pride in our commitment to integrity and honesty when it comes to working with our clients. If something can be fixed, we will fix it, and if something needs replaced, we will be up front with you about the costs and the time frame. Looking for a full-service roofing operation? Call us to work on your Glen Mills PA commercial building, strip mall, industrial building or warehouse for:

  • Coating & coating systems
  • Restorations
  • Gutter work
  • Sheet metal work
  • Re-roofing
  • Siding & cladding work
  • Metal
  • EIFS
  • Stucco
  • Full roof assessments

Before beginning a commercial roof replacement in Glen Mills PA, it’s critical to understand the following:

  • Your commercial roof condition.
  • What you are using your facility for and what is inside.
  • What is your budget
  • How long you plan on keeping your building
  • When you want to get the commercial project started
  • Any safety needs or accessories you are required to have or interested in

Based on these Issues, we can work together to determine what you will need for your commercial roof project:

  • The appropriate Decking
  • The correct Insulation based on the building usage
  • Installation method is best suited for your commercial building
  • Which Membrane to use based on your building
  • What is needed for your Edging 
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Glen Mills PA Industrial Roofing • Glen Mills PA Institutional Roofing

We only work with high-performance coatings and membrane systems.

We use mainly epoxy urethanes for repair and protection applications such anti-corrosion, water repellent & traffic coatings.

We can provide waterproofing systems which include:

  • air and vapor barriers
  • elastomeric coatings
  • epoxy and urethane injections for buildings, balconies, and pedestrian walkways