Metal Roofing

Not every roofing company in Wilmington is cut out for work on metal roofing. In fact, it takes years of training and experience to even begin working with metal roofing, and that kind of resume is what you can expect from Lane Roofing & Exteriors, the roofing company of choice for residents of New Castle, Delaware and Chester Counties since 1994.

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that covers all of its employees, Lane Roofing & Exteriors is the go-to for a roofing company that carries no baggage for the homeowner. We provide free estimates for your metal roofing project, and we’re always friendly, courteous and deadline-oriented when it comes to our work. Whether it’s a metal roofing repair or metal roofing installation job, we always bring our A-game and guarantee a superior result.

Benefits of Investing in a Metal Roof

While some roofs need replaced as often as every decade, a metal roof will truly stand the test of time. It’s not uncommon for a well cared for metal roof to last as long as 100 years, so it’s definitely an option worth considering for any home or business. Aside from longevity, here are some more of metal roofing’s many perks:

  • Durable: Our metal roofs have been tested under extreme hurricane-like conditions to withstand wind speeds over 120 mph.
  • State-of-the-art: Coated with the innovative Kynar 500, each roof is protected by the highest quality clear-coat primer on the market.
  • Fire-resistant: Unlike shingled and rubber roofs, metal is not a flammable material.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing: Metal roofs allow for both architectural and artistic flourishes not typically seen in other types of roofing.
  • Efficient: With the help of Kynar 500, which you can read about below, metal roofs will typically save 20% or more on energy costs in a year.

We feel so strongly about our superior metal roofing systems, we extend a lifetime limited warranty to any original owner and a limited transferable warranty for future owners. So if you’re interested in a metal roof for your home or business or you have an existing metal roof in need of repair, your best bet is to give Lane Roofing & Exteriors a call today for unmatched service, rates and experience!