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Since 1994, thousands of homeowners in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have trusted Lane Roofing & Exteriors to reroof their largest investment. Our guarantees are the strongest in the business, and just as importantly we stand behind them.

The vast majority of residential roofs are fiberglass shingles, which are an attractive and cost effective roofing option for your home. We are also experienced experts in slate, cedar (wood shake), all kinds of metal roofing, tile roofing (both Spanish “S” tile and flat tile shingles of clay or cement), and several synthetic varieties of slate and tile roofing.

Algae growth causes a brown-to-black discoloration that results in a streaked, dirty-looking rooftop. It is caused by the growth of airborne algae, which deposits itself on your roof. The good news is that algae growth does not affect the service life of your roofing shingles. This is strictly a cosmetic problem, despite what some roofers may try to tell you.

Blistering/Cracking is caused by advanced age or a shingle manufacturing defect. The best solution is to replace the shingles as soon as possible. If your roof is not more than a few years old, talk to us about possibly approaching your shingle’s manufacturer to help cover the cost of roof repair.Buckling can have many causes, including (1) improperly applied roof felt, (2) wrinkled roofing underlayment, (3) roof deck movement, (4) improperly installed roof sheathing, (5) poor roof ventilation (6) new shingles applied over rough, old roof shingles.

Curling can result from a variety of problems, including (1) high nails, (2) a lack of back coating, (3) under-saturation of the asphalt felt in organic shingles, (4) a lack of roof ventilation and, (5) an improper number of fasteners (6) shingles that are nearing the end of their service life.

Damaged flashing can stem from one or more problems, including (1) improper installation on a new roof, (2) drying and cracking on an old roof, (3) improper material selection, or (4) settling of the structure.

Missing roof shingles typically result from either improper fastening or exposure to high winds. To prevent further damage, this issue should be addressed as soon as possible. If you lose a few shingles every year, you may need a full roof replacement.

Rotting is caused by absorption of moisture by the mat at the core of the roof shingle. This is a common problem with organic-based roofing shingles, with the best solution being replacement with a fiberglass shingle.

Missing granules or degranulating shingles are caused by a premature shingle failure or the end of your roof’s life expectancy. The granules are applied to the shingle surface for aesthetics, and perhaps more importantly to protect the shingle structure from ultraviolet radiation.


Lane Roofing will perform a free inspection to see if you have any damage to your roof. Most of the time roof damage cannot be seen from the ground but if strong storms have passed through your area then there may be damage to your roof. It is worth the effort to contact a professional to examine your roof closely to determine if there is damage. Hailstorms can take years off the life of your roof especially if it’s a composite roof due to the loss of the ceramic granules from the surface of the shingles eventually causing leaks. With other roof types, such as metal, slate or tile, damage may only be cosmetic, but if not repaired, the damage can depreciate your home’s resale value. You may have a limited time in which to file an insurance claim. Why risk this? Your insurance company will not contact you to ask if you have damage or if you would like a free inspection.


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Reputable Contractor Since 1994 – We stand behind our work See Reviews

Competitive Pricing – We give you the most value for your dollar in terms of quality of work . price and warranty.
Call us for pricing and warranty information. See Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

Flat Roofing quality standards

Waterproof Coatings
Premium quality coatings that create a permanent and durable water barrier
High grade primers that promote superior adhesion of the coatings applied
Reinforcing Agent
Fiber reinforcement to form a composite
Protective Coatings
High quality and extremely tough coatings that defend the surface and substrate from damage and deterioration
Flexible and durable seal that prevents passage of fluids and gases
Unique additives that alter the physical characteristics of coatings

Lane Roofing has provided expert, quality flat roof repair and maintenance and flat roof installation for residential customers Since 1994. We have a highly qualified team of roofers who will help you select the right type of roof for your home or business, or we can evaluate your existing flat roof for repairs. Flat roofing systems are extremely challenging, and require specific expertise for installation, repair and maintenance. Unfortunately, the smallest mistake can lead to big problems. Weather in the Northeast takes its toll on flat roofs and will be just as unforgiving of poor design or application of these systems on your home.

You need to hire a roofing contractor with installation expertise in Concordville Pa

If a flat roof is properly installed and constructed, it will provide excellent, long lasting roofing solutions to your home or business. However, if you choose a roofer without installation qualifications and a penchant for details, most homeowners can only hope that the roofer has done everything right and their roof can withstand the brutal weather here in the Northeast.

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It’s not easy to decide what type of flat roof is best for your building. Some flat roofs are suitable for new construction or re-roofing applications, while some are not. Energy performance, maintenance requirements and installation costs are other factors when choosing a flat roofing system. Not all flat roofing solutions will work well on smaller residential roofs.

We, at Lane Roofing, stand by ALL of our products and installation because we know we have the expertise and the skilled craftsmen necessary to design and install a flat roof system that will function effectively to protect your home or business for many years. Call us today to get a free estimate on all our flat roofing installation or repair.

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They were so good to work with, even though I was quite demanding. Everything was cleaned up perfectly afterwards. I have not had one single problem since I got the new roof! I would definitely use Lane Roofing again and would definitely recommend them to everyone.

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Lane Roofing came out to my home to put a new roof on my addition. They were able to match the shingles to my home and the roof looked great. They were a pleasure to deal with and they do excellent work.

stars Excellent Job

My roof was 25 years old and I needed a new one. Lane Roofing was by far the most professional and honest company I met. The job they did was excellent and our home great. They did a great job at a great price. Thanks again Lane Roofing

stars I would definitely recommend

Our neighbor had recently had their roof done by Lane Roofing so I decided to give them a call and get yet another price. The owner of the company Chris Lane came out to check out roof and give me the different options and price points I could expect to pay. Upon meeting Chris I noticed he was not a salesman for a roofing company, but an actual worker and roofer. He did not try to “upsell” me or give me the “roof is going to cave in any minute” speech. What I like most was he seemed like a straight forward no nonsense kinda guy. After several weeks of research and having Chris answer a variety of question and concerns I had regarding roof I decided to sign a contract and move forward. Everything was very professional from beginning to end, the workers showed up when they said they would, and were very respectful while working. Not the usual loud talking and yelling profanity work crews that I am use to seeing on roofing jobs. I would definitely recommend Lane Roofing & Exteriors to anyone looking to have roof work done. Its worth it to at least get and estimate and see what options are available.

stars A True Pleasure

Lane Roofing replaced my roof ,gutters and siding on my house after the hailstorm that hit north Delaware. They did a beautiful job, that looks great! The crews were a pleasure to work with. They did a thorough job cleaning up after the job was completed. Their reps, ** and ***** along with ***** **** was a true pleasure to work with! Thank you all for a great job.

stars Great Decision

Having Lane Roofing repair and replace 2 roofs was a great decision. ***** was wonderful to work with and the work done was quality. Some roofers only wanted to repair the roof but Lane made sure the roof and gutters were once again stable.

stars Very Favorable Experience

I had a very favorable experience with Lane. They promptly responded to my call and set up a time convenient to me to inspect the roof. I had five different estimates a year ago and, sadly, went with ******. Their work lasted just over a year, after assuring me that while the work had only a one-year warranty, the repairs would last much longer. So, Lane, who had provided one of the five original estimates came back out and got the work done shortly thereafter. I had one question about the work, and they were back out in 24 hours and addressed my concern.