Keeping Your Roof Covered: Types of Commercial Roofing Coatings

March 12th, 2022 Commercial Roofing

commercial roof coating options

Whether you own, manage, or care for a commercial property, you’re probably more than a little invested in keeping a roof over everyone’s head — literally. If your roof is old, you might be worried it’s on its last legs, especially if you have a single-ply roof or one that’s got visible surface damage. However, you may not be out of luck just yet. Commercial roof coating might be the solution you need.

No matter if you’re a roofing expert or don’t even know what your existing roof is made from, our contractors performing commercial roofing in Middletown, DE, and the surrounding areas want you to take some time to think about types of commercial roof coatings — and how some of them may be worth considering for your commercial roofing system. Read on to learn more about the different types of commercial roof coatings.

Asphalt Roof Coatings

One of the first kinds of roof coverings in the industry, asphalt coatings are still widely relied on to provide protection for commercial roofs. The industry term you might hear roofing companies use when it comes to asphalt roofs is “modified bitumen.” Compared to more modern commercial roof coatings, asphalt-based coatings are especially vulnerable to weather conditions such as snow and ice, along with UV rays.

If you decide on an asphalt commercial roof coating, you will need to have it regularly resurfaced and keep an eye on signs of danger such as cracks and standing (“ponding”) water. Without careful maintenance, damaged asphalt can cause structural problems and even necessitate full roof replacements later down the line. If you are interested in a low-maintenance, long-term commercial roof coating solution, asphalt may not be ideal in your situation. However, when well-cared-for, an asphalt coating can be an attractive, sturdy, and functional option.

Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone roof coatings, also called elastomeric roof coatings, are relatively new on the scene, yet many roofing companies are already relying on them as a great commercial roofing solution. Silicone is classed as a “solvent-based” roof coating. Not only does silicone withstand the expansion and contraction that can happen to a roof during extreme temperature changes, it also reflects UV rays away from the roof, reducing the cost of running the air conditioning all spring and summer long.

Silicone is a particularly good choice for protecting metal roofs because it adheres to any surface. The combination of silicone commercial roof coating with a durable metal roof will leave you with a roof that lasts decades. Silicone-based coating should be applied only by professionals, however. If silicone coating is incorrectly applied, it won’t adequately protect your roof, especially on roofs with a unique shape or multi-level flat roofs.

Acrylic Roof Coatings

If an affordable commercial roof coating is what you’re looking for, acrylic-based roof coating might be the solution for your property. Think of acrylic roof coatings as a water-based, thick coat of heavy-duty paint applied in multiple layers, ending up about 5-10 times thicker than exterior house paint. They are great solutions for oddly shaped roofs as they are applied seamlessly with a “pour-on” technique, meaning they fit any shape.

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