Prepare Your Commercial Roof for Winter With These Tips

November 3rd, 2021 Commercial Roofing

Prepare-Your-Commercial-Roof-for-Winter-With-These-TipsMany facility managers who neglect to keep up with preventative maintenance procedures find themselves dealing with leaks all winter long. The commercial roof takes a beating as the temperatures change, and the damage it sustains is only made worse when there’s already structural damage, ponded water, or clogged drains.

Building owners and managers can prevent costly emergency repairs by winterizing their roofing systems in the fall. Follow these steps for keeping your commercial roofing in Chadds Ford, PA, in tip-top condition during winter.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

You will not know the current state of your commercial roofing system until you have it inspected by certified roofing contractors. Because the winter weather can be brutal on the roof, we recommend you schedule roofing maintenance before freezing temperatures settle in. This will help you catch minor problems early on and save you money in the long run.

During the inspection, your contractor will look at roof traffic patterns, drainage systems, and flashings. They will also look for signs of moisture, improperly installed roof openings, and damaged roof membrane seams.

Have Your Roof Repaired Before Winter

After your commercial roofing contractor inspects the roof, they will recommend any necessary repairs. It’s imperative that you have these issues fixed before winter rolls in. Timely repairs can extend the life of the roofing system and prevent the need for emergency roof repairs, which are difficult to perform when snow and ice build up.

Come Up With a Snow and Ice Removal Plan

If you’re expecting snow or ice at any point this winter, you’ll need to be ready with a snow and ice removal plan. When snow is not removed promptly from a commercial roofing system, it can melt during the day and then refreeze during the night in what is known as the freeze/thaw cycle. This cycle often occurs around roof drains, preventing proper drainage, and can affect cracks and crevices in the roof’s membrane.

Speak with your roofing contractor about a snow removal plan and ask them if you should have any snow protective features installed, such as a snow guard or wind baffle.

Maintain the Roof Surface and Gutters

Throughout the fall and winter months, make sure you periodically examine the roof and gutters for trash, leaves, branches, and debris. Clear these items away to ensure efficient drainage during the winter. If any tree branches are hanging over the roofing system, have these cut down to protect the building in the event there’s heavy snowfall or a bad winter storm.

Winterize Your Commercial Roofing System This Fall

Your roofing system is going to fight harsh conditions this winter. Make sure it’s ready by scheduling commercial roofing services in Chadds Ford, PA. We provide superior professional inspections and repairs to help you avoid roofing problems this winter. Contact us today for peace of mind with your commercial roofing.

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