Tips for Minimizing Disruption During a Commercial Roofing Project

March 3rd, 2023 Commercial Roofing
Tips for Minimizing Disruption During a Commercial Roofing Project

If repair or replacement for your commercial roof is in your future, deciding how your business should handle the upcoming roofing project can be difficult. Whether or not you serve customers at your company, it’s important to both minimize disruptions and keep people and property protected. Here are some tips you can use to keep your business moving safely and successfully while you’re undergoing roof repairs.

Plan & Schedule Wisely

One of the most effective ways to prevent disruption caused by roofing work is to reduce the possibility of disruption in the first place. This means that regardless of the size and scope of your commercial roofing project, advanced preparation and planning are a necessity. Speak with a roofing contractor about the best times and dates, and try to build your schedule around the project. Consider busy seasons at your business, parking lot usage, and ideal “off hours” that roofing crews can take advantage of.

Communication Is Key

It’s essential for building owners to maintain an open line of communication with commercial roofers in New Castle, DE, throughout the entire roof replacement or repair process. Everyone affected by the project should be kept abreast of recent development (including tenants, employees, and visitors). Here are a few questions to ask your roofers:

  • How long will the project take? What are the expected starting and ending dates?
  • What sounds and sights should I expect from the process?
  • Can normal business continue in the building when the roofing project is underway?
  • Will you require parking lot space or other space on the premises for equipment? How much?
  • What parts of the premises will be inaccessible? For how long?
  • Will the parking lot be accessible to customers, employees, or visitors?
  • Will electrical or HVAC systems need to be switched off? For how long and on what days?

Restrict Foot & Vehicle Traffic

Once you’ve received the answers you need from your commercial roofers in New Castle, DE, take action to protect people, property, and roofing materials. Use these methods as necessary to prevent anyone from getting hurt:

  • Install signs and barricades to clearly demarcate the work area and redirect foot traffic.
  • Place warning cones at entry points to the site.
  • Prevent unauthorized vehicle entry by using bollards or other physical barriers.
  • Ask other local commercial building owners to regulate parking and access in the immediate vicinity of the construction site.
  • Develop traffic control measures such as flaggers, directional arrows, and lane closures for larger sites.

Deal With Distractions

A long-term roofing project can be distracting — and even downright annoying — for people living or working in a large building. Minimize noise complaints with these easy suggestions:

  • Warn residents, customers, and employees about the work taking place and let them know what they can expect (and for how long).
  • Request that noisy activities such as sanding take place during off-hours when possible.
  • Have roofers shut down their equipment at night or shift work outdoors if excessive noise is a concern.

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