6 Signs That Your Commercial Roof Was Installed Incorrectly

November 3rd, 2022 Commercial Roofing
6 Signs That Your Commercial Roof Was Installed Incorrectly

A properly installed, high-quality roof can keep your commercial property protected, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing for years to come. Unfortunately, some roofing companies use low-quality products and cut corners on installation, which results in you needing roof replacement sooner rather than later.

Our roofers have seen and serviced all types of commercial roofing in New Castle, Delaware, which means we’ve witnessed some of the best and worst installation jobs in the area. Since roof installation quality varies so much between different companies, choosing a roofing contractor you can trust is especially important. Below are six signs that the wrong team might have installed your commercial roofing:

Uneven or Flawed Roof Surface

Does your newly installed commercial roof have visible “bubbles,” bulges, or warping on its surface? No matter how it ended up becoming uneven, a roof surface that isn’t smooth and balanced can signify poor installation quality. It’s important to remember that roofs can and do change over time and are often affected by external factors such as storm damage. However, if these issues appear within just a few years, you might have been ripped off by an unreliable roofing contractor.

Standing or Ponding Water

Flat roofs are great for commercial properties since they’re low-maintenance and easy to repair. However, they can be more vulnerable to water damage. If drainage isn’t considered during the installation process, water will wear away at the roof, leading to leaks.

Commercial roofing contractors should always take special care to install an effective drainage system. If you notice puddles on your roof long after rain clouds have cleared away, your roof system may have been installed incorrectly.

Damaged (or Absent) Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles are a good reason to schedule commercial roof repairs. Shingles are sometimes damaged due to factors out of your control. However, right after the roof job is finished, the shingles should appear immaculate, with no visible issues or misalignment. If your shingles already have issues right after installation, you’ll end up paying to fix other roofing problems before you know it. If this situation arises for your commercial property, have a different company perform a roof inspection and see what they recommend.

Obvious Installation Mistakes

Sometimes, installation quality can be determined with a single glance. You don’t need to work in commercial roofing in New Castle, Delaware, to spot certain installation errors. Here are some all-too-common roofer mistakes to keep an eye out for:

  • Uneven or mismatched shingles or other roofing materials.
  • Missing flashing or drip edge.
  • Roof leaks, cracks, or holes immediately after installation (or a few weeks or months later)
  • Shingles that over or under-hang your eves (ideal overhang is between 6 to 10mm).
  • Sagging or “gapping” gutters.
  • Not securing a proper permit for the job or showing you proof of insurance.

Missing or Low-Quality Underlayment

If you put on a few layers of clothing before heading outside in the winter, you already understand the concept of multiple barriers against the weather. For the same reasons, your commercial roof should also be built with several layers. Ask your roofing contractors if they plan to use underlayment for your roofing system. If they say they don’t (or buy the cheapest stuff they can find), run for the hills!

Unusually Short Lifespan

Your commercial roof is designed to have a lifespan of at least ten years. In fact, many commercial roofs can last for 15-20 years if you schedule regular professional roofing maintenance. If you’re hitting the five- or six-year mark (or earlier!) and your roof seems to have more problems every year, there’s a good chance that you have an improperly installed roof on your hands.

Restore Your Roof!

If your commercial roof has been installed incorrectly, it’s best to fix the issue as soon as possible. Call the real experts: Lane Roofing! Our family-owned roofing company has served homes and businesses throughout Delaware and beyond for over 25 years. We’d be happy to hear what we can do for you, so reach out to us online or by phone anytime for a free project estimate. We’ll be there soon to make things right for your roof.

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